Getting kids to bed in 16 easy steps: Our Night-Time Routine

In honor of daylight savings time I wanted to share with every one a little tidbit of what bedtime looks like in our house right now. Enjoy!

Step One 7:15PM-

Give them the impending bedtime warning and let them know that any bedtime snacks/ drinks are to be gotten now.

Step Two 7:20PM-

Argue for 5 minutes straight that fruit snacks and root beer are not an acceptable bed time snack. Ignore angry stares while cutting up an apple isntead.

Step Three 7:40PM-

Remind them that they have to get their pajamas on while throwing out an entire apple’s worth of slices.

Step Four 7:45Pm-

Remind them to brush their teeth… and seriously, get on their pajamas.

Step Five 7:50PM-

Give myself a high five because they put dirty clothes in the hamper without me reminding them.

Step Six 7:55PM-

Ask the kids to pick out a book to all read together.  Re read it because I didn’t make the right monster voices the first time. Re read it a third time because it is the little one’s favorite.

Step Seven 8:10PM-

Argue with the oldest because her friend’s bedtime is 9PM and she wants hers to be too. Compromise and agree to let her stay up until 8:30. Realize that she did not brush her teeth. Tell her to go brush her teeth before she does anything else.

Step Eight 8:15PM-

Tuck little one into bed and proceed to kiss her five favorite stuffed animals goodnight. Turn the nightlights on and crack the bedroom door.

Step Nine 8:16PM-

Hear door creak back open because little one doesn’t have her sixth favorite stuffed animal and she absolutely can not sleep without it. Spend ten minutes looking to find it shoved in a lunch box in the toy bin along with what looks like a chewed up tangle of jelly beans. Remind myself that I love being a mom.

Step Ten 8:26PM-

Tuck little one back into bed, repeat goodnight kisses, turn off light, crack door.

Step Eleven 8:35PM-

Check on big one and tell her it’s time to lay down. Realize that she STILL has not brushed her teeth. Realize that they’re baby teeth and they are going to fall out anyways and tuck her into bed. Goodnight kisses, check nightlight, crack door.

Step Twelve 8:45PM-

Make a bet with self on which kid would get out of bed first. Win bet, it’s always the little one. Tell her no she can not have another drink water (because I can absolutely not deal with a night time accident tonight) and carry her back to bed.

Step Thirteen 8:50PM-

Give goodnight kisses, including six stuffed animals, turn off light, crack door.

Step Fourteen 9PM-

Let out a sigh of relief and debate whether to binge Netflix, do some reading or catch up on sleep.

Step Fifteen 9:05PM-

Scoot over and make room for both kids who are suddenly too lonely in their own rooms… oh and the little one’s six animals and two blankets. Who doesn’t enjoy trying to unwind from a busy day with an elbow or two in their ribs and a snoring toddler on their pillow?

Step Sixteen 9:10PM-

Admit defeat for tonight and soak in all of the snuggles while they last.

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